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Rug Cleaning

Even though your rug looks clean, normal settling of dust is abrasive and will shorten the life of your rug. It's recommended that you have your rug cleaned once year.

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We specialize in the following service for rugs:

Chocolate Stain Removal from Carpet

Anyone who has ever had to remove carpet stains will appreciate this tip. If you have chocolate or coffee stains on carpet, dab with straight vinegar. That's all it takes. Blot until the stain is removed and blot again with a damp sponge or cloth to rinse. If the smell of vinegar isn't for you, try a mild else that dishwashing liquid for cleaning carpet stains. Pour some onto a clean cloth and blot until the stain is lifted.

Grease Stain Removal from Carpet

Try this tip when cleaning carpet stains: Apply a generous layer of baking soda or cornstarch to greasy spots and leave overnight. After vacuuming, the grease should be absorbed. If there is any residue or discoloration left behind, blot with vinegar until the stain is lifted. A dishwashing liquid or detergent specializing in removing grease will also remove carpet stains that are greasy. Make a solution of half detergent and half water and spray directly onto the stain. Blot until the stain is removed. Blot again with a damp sponge to rinse.

Preventing Vacuum Backup

Before cleaning carpet with a vacuum, walk through the house and pick up any loose debris. Items such as string, buttons, pins,paperclips and coins can clog or damage your machine. A little prevention could end up saving you a lot of money.

Zinc Oxide (Desitin) Stain Removal from Carpet

When diapering a baby on a carpet, be sure to take the proper precautions and lay a towel or changing mat underneath the baby. Zinc Oxide, the active ingredient in most diaper rash ointments, can leave a spot behind. To remove carpet stains made by zinc oxide, wipe away as much as you can with a clean cloth. Cover the remaining stain with baking soda to absorb any grease and let sit for an hour or so. When time is up, continue cleaning carpet by blotting any residue left behind with a mild dish soap. Wipe clean with a damp cloth, and no one will ever know a baby's bottom touched your floor!

Grape Juice Stain Removal from Carpet

The tannins in grape juice can make it difficult to remove carpet stains made up of this dark purple liquid. Club soda can help with this. Pour some directly on the carpet and blot. You can also try cleaning carpet with a solution of vinegar and a mild dishwashing liquid. Again, dab until the stain is removed. Blot again with a damp cloth to remove any residue.

For a Free Estimate call us at: 866-245-5687